Look Inside - The Patient's Checklist is a notebook, a good friend, a breather, and needed sanity.

The Patient’s Checklist

10 Simple Hospital Checklists to Keep You Safe, Sane, and Organized

During a hospital stay, you or a loved one need to be your own best advocate. The Patient’s Checklist shows you how.

Too often, life involves planned and unplanned trips to the hospital. Illness and injury are part of every human experience. In today’s world whether you’re addressing the rising chaos of a pandemic or preparing for a scheduled surgery, having checklists to guide you through complex and confusing hospital care can often mean the difference between comfort and pain, compassionate or distant care – and even life or death.

Today’s hospital system presents a series of perplexing obstacles to good care – from overworked health-care providers to understaffed facilities. The controlled chaos of a hospital makes it too easy for mistakes to happen. Patients and families need to be empowered to effectively play their vital role as a partner in complex hospital care. The Patient’s Checklist shows you how to do just that with a series of essential, easy-to-use checklists that guide you through a hospital stay from start to finish to help you better manage, monitor and participate in your own hospital care. The 10 checklists include Before You Go, What to Bring, During Your Stay, Master Medication List and Discharge Plan among others which provide a step-by-step action plan to keep you safe, sane and organized during a hospital stay.

Press for The Patient's Checklist
“A godsend for concerned friends and relatives trying to rein in the chaos. Bravo to [Bailey] for turning that all too common misery to a constructive end.”
Abigail Zuger
The New York Times
“After so many missteps, another person might have quietly taken note never to use that hospital again — or filed a lawsuit. Bailey instead developed “The Patient’s Checklist,” a book of 10 checklists that address many of the essentials for a hospital stay, including sections on what to bring with you, medication management, how to make your hospital stay safer and more comfortable, and planning for your discharge.”
Michelle Andrews
“Check this out before checking in: if you go in prepared…you can better advocate for your own well-being.”
The Washington Post
“The Patient’s Checklist aims to guide patients safely through every stage in a hospital stay, starting before you arrive and continuing on through that crucial transition phase in care when you leave the hospital for home or rehab. “It’s not brain surgery to learn to become more involved in your care,” says Bailey. ‘The book gives an idea for a framework and helps with how to ask questions.’”
Michelle Andrews

“Elizabeth Bailey learned what could go wrong in a hospital the hard way: by watching her elderly father endure a long in-patient nightmare. Six years later, she has turned that system into a book.”
Kim Painter
USA Today
“Medication mistakes and communication failures can make hospital care riskier than it needs to be. These tips will help patients get the compassion they need.”
Lauren Gelman
Reader’s Digest